Unsupported Shrink Packaging

Unsupported Packs

Shrink wrap has been used for several decades all throughout Europe. More recently, shrink wrap packaging has made significant gains in the US, as manufacturers and producers are looking to reduce the amount of packaging waste and lower the costs associated with that packaging. Unsupported, film-only shrink packaging delivers the maximum amount of source reduction. By eliminating corrugated material completely from packaging, the amount of waste associated with your product is dramatically reduced throughout the entire distribution channel.

Packaging Mass Reduction

Let's examine a comparison between a RSC and the same contents wrapped in bullseye / sleeve wrap in unsupported format.

RSC Vs. Tray & Shrink

RSC:  302 grams
Shrink Film Multipack (1 Mil thickness) : 17 grams

The packaging mass reduction will be (302- 17) / 302 =  94%

In this particular instance, the packaging costs were reduced from 40 cents per case (RSC) to 5 cents per case (shrink film) for a cost savings of savings of  87.5%.


Powered By the Sun

Polypack recently installed a 270kw integrated solar rooftop on top of the manufacturing facility. This installation consists of 1,000 photovoltaic panels that are secured to the rooftop with spray foam. The foam forms a solid, cohesive surface which that delivers Cat. 5 hurricane resistance. The foam also reflects sunlight and provides additional insulation to the entire building.

For over 55 years, Polypack, Inc. has manufactured shrink wrap equipment offering packaging alternatives whose end result is source reduction. Shrink Packaging reduces the amount of packaging mass, and therefore reduces the amount of packaging waste that ultimately finds its way to our landfills. Continuing in a long-standing tradition of sustainability, Polypack elected to take on new kind of sustainability project, one that would ultimately result in the 1,000 solar panel array that provides all of the power required to run the manufacturing facility, as well as the office space and attached automotive museum.

Integrtaed Solar Rooftop

Shrinking Our Landfills

In the United States, paper and cardboard account for 41 percent of municipal solid waste.  While these materials are recyclable, statistics have shown that In the U.S. only 25% of that material is recycled annually. By reducing the amount of cardboard packaging associated with the distribution and retail sales of consumable products, we can drastically decrease the amount of packaging mass that enters our landfills on a daily basis.

By switching from a traditional RSC to an unsupported film-only pack, you can decrease the amount of waste associated with your product up to 94%. The packaging material costs are thereby decreased by 87.5%, providing for a rapid return on investment for the equipment. Decreasing the amount of packaging waste is a, ecologically responsible approach to packaging that also offers financial incentives.


Reduce Cardboard Waste