Fully Supported Packaging

Wraparound Case

With corrugated wraparound packaging, a die-cut sheet of corrugate is folded and glued. A traditional regular slotted case (RSC) has redundant overlapping flaps located at both the bottom and at the top, and the case is usually formed and then filled. Wraparound packaging equipment forms the case around the products and reduces the amount of corrugate overlaps while still providing a strong case that delivery superb palletizing and distribution integrity.

Material Savings

With wraparound technology, if the case has a low profile (which is common), the flaps will be on the smallest sides,  and as they will stay on the largest sides with a case, there is a substantial saving with the wraparound.

Example  (Case):  12 " W x 18" L x 8" H
Traditional RSC Formula: (H + W) x (L + W) x 2 = (12 + 8) X (18 + 12) x 2 =  1200  sq. inch
Wraparound Case Formula:  (H + W) x (L + H) x 2 = (8 + 12) + (18 + 8) X 2 =  1040 sq.inch

For this case size, the savings in corrugated will be (1200- 1040)/ 1200 =  13 %

There is also some savings in raw materials costs as the RSC has to be cut, folded, and glued prior to delivery,  whereas the wraparound is delivered as a flat piece of corrugate.



The Jacketpack™ uses a completely flat die-cut blank consisting of only 4 panels. The first folds are executed as the product and blank is pushed into the bucket conveyor. The side tab is then folded in and glued against the back side of the case and the pack is enclosed with sleeve/bullseye shrink wrap to completely seal the pack. This process eliminates the need for expensive pre-folded and glued RSC cases.

With the JacketPack™, a die-cut sheet of cardboard is folded and glued around the products, creating a tightly packed bundle. For a traditional RSC case, there are redundant, overlapping flaps located at the bottom and at the top. By eliminating the top and bottom corrugated flaps, the JacketPack™ system reduces the amount of corrugate overlaps down to a single one. Enclosed with shrink overwrap, it provides a strong case that delivers superb stacking strength for palletizing and excellent product protection for distribution. 

  • Save up to 50% on corrugated material costs
  • Provides stacking/palletizing support for aseptic bricks, prisms, cartons and more!
  • Multi-layer packaging capability
  • Corrugated Jacket is formed around the product, creating tightly packed bundles
  • The bundle is sealed with shrink film overwrap to create a distribution and retail-ready multipack
JacketPack™ VIDEO

Shrinking Our Landfills

In the United States, paper and cardboard account for 41 percent of municipal solid waste.  While these materials are recyclable, statistics have shown that In the U.S. only 25% of that material is recycled annually. By reducing the amount of cardboard packaging associated with the distribution and retail sales of consumable products, we can drastically decrease the amount of packaging mass that enters our landfills on a daily basis.

By switching from a traditional RSC to a Wraparound case, you can decrease the amount of waste associated with your product up to 13%. By switching from an RSC case to a JacketPack™, you can reduce the amount of packaging waste associated with your product by as much as 50%. Decreasing the amount of packaging waste is not only a financially rewarding endeavor, it is also the more ecologically responsible approach to packaging.


Shrinking Our Lanfdills